Central Supply Sterilization Policies & Procedures Manual



Central Supply and Sterilization policies and procedures describe standards for in-center sterilization. There are 16 policies within the chapter including Care and Cleaning and Biological Indicators.

Care, Cleaning, Packaging and Sterilization
Sterilization of Implantable and Special Devices
Standards for Sterilization
Sterilizer Performance Monitoring
Autoclave-Sterilizer Maintenance
Chemical Indicators
Frequency of Biological Indicators
Shelf Life of Commercially Sterilized Items
Disposable Products
Sterilization Log
High Level Disinfection
Used Instruments
Intermediate Disinfection of Equipment and Devices
Sterilization of Implantable and Special Devices
Reprocessing of Surgical Devices
Infection Control Reduce Risk Surgical Devices and Equipment



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