Infection Control Policies Policies & Procedures



Infection Control policies and procedures are established to ensure that health care services rendered are adhering to safe practices and it’s programs are designed to provide a sanitary environment with regards to prevention of infections and communicable diseases. There are 26 policies within this chapter including COVID-19, Infection Control Supplies, Influx of Potentially infectious Patients and Infection Control Goals & Risk Assessment.
The Infection Control Program
CDC Nationally Recognized Guidelines
Infection Control Attire
Infection Control Operating Room
Traffic Patterns
Standards for Basic Aseptic Technique
Disinfectants / Germicidal
Cleaning the Environment / Schedule
CDC Hand Washing
Communicable Diseases
Surgical Site Infection
TB Tuberculosis
Hepatitis Vaccination or Waiver
Influenza Virus Plan
CMS Dictates the Infection Control Program
IC Reduce Risks Surgical Devices and Equipment
Glucometer Cleaning and Disinfecting
Infection Control Risk Assessment for Construction
Infection Control Construction Risk Assessment Guide
Infection Reporting Data Survey
Management of Infectious Waste and Linens
Infection Control Supplies
Infection Control Goals and Risk Assessment
Influx of Potentially Infectious Patients
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)


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