Medications Management Policies & Procedures



Medications Management policies and procedures are established to ensure and describe how the appropriate standards and practices are maintained regarding the management and administration of medications for the safety of practice as it relates to medication management and administration. There are 29 policies within this chapter including Duplicate Orders, Medication Reconciliation and Drug Disposal and Destruction.

Medications Management Plan
Medications Policy
Administration of Medications
Medication Procurement / Outdates
Medication Storage
Controlled Substances
Drug Disposal & Destruction
Reporting Medical Errors
Crash Cart Drugs
Drugs Brought By Patients
Medication Purchasing
External Drugs
Sample Drugs
Blood Products
Labeling Medications
High Alert Look Alike / Sound Alike
Drug & Product Recall
Intravenous Guidelines
Form for Reporting Medication Errors
Refrigerator & Medications
5 Rights of Medications
Pharmaceuticals Controls
Medication Reconciliation
Prescription Pads
Single Dose Vial, Syringes, Safe Injection Practices
Multiple Dose Vial Expiration
Duplicate Orders



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