Perioperative Care Policies & Procedures



Perioperative Care policies and procedures are established to describe and ensure that the surgery center’s clinical staff facilitates quality health care services in accordance with current standards of care and principals of professional and ethical conduct. There are 43 policies within this chapter including Discharge Guidelines and Instructions, Preoperative Phone Call and History and Physical.

Pre-Operative Staffing
Non-Approved Abbreviations
Pre-Operative Phone Call
Pre-Operative Preparation
Accurate Identification of Operative Site
Pre-Operative Requirements
Preadmission Assessment
Nursing Assessments
Pre-operative Skin Preparation / Removal of Hair
History and Physical
Classification of Wounds
Patient Safety Operating Room PACU
Implant Device Identification
Counts and Guidelines
Laser Safety
Pneumatic Tourniquet
Electrosurgical Unit
Admission Assessment for PACU
Care and Monitoring of the PACU Patient
Documentation for PACU
Post-Op Assessment
Aldrete Score
Discharge Guidelines
Anesthesia Discharge Criteria for Recovery Room
Patient Discharge Orders
Initiation of Oxygen Administration by Recovery Room Nurses
Recovery Room Standards for Use of Oxygen
Respiratory Complications / Airway Management
Pain Assessment
Tissue Exemptions
Needleless Plan
Latex Allergy Guideline
Assessment and Treatment of DVT and PE
CLIA Waived Testing
Pathology and Laboratory
Snack or Nourishment
Patient and Family Education
Patient Flow


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